Product Development Driven By Data

Gain security in decision-making for the introduction of new varieties

Improve reliability and confidence in data coming from so many different multi-location trials

Better manage your product development resources thanks to better visibility

The 5 steps where Bloomeo supports you :

Prepare trials

  • Import or create materials
  • Select traits & metadata
  • Setup your multi-environment campaigns
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Plan operations

  • Mobilize staff and resources wisely
  • Qualify your trial network
  • Secure variety testing from sowing to harvest
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Collect clean data

  • User-friendly app on IOS and Android
  • Trait picklists to avoid errors
  • Collect pictures of your plants and plots
  • Data validation process for each data point
  • Outliers detection
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Visualize results

  • Each user profile has access to flexible dashboards for results overview
  • Dynamic graphics for data analysis
  • Trait optimization dashboards

Compare varieties

  • Define your market segments and product designs
  • Compare your varieties with control/leader varieties in the market
  • Create variety sheets and export them in your web variety catalog
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Project related questions

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How can I track the progress of my teams' work?

Bloomeo lets you define the templates of your operations and it can be linked to the experimental set-up. Each operation has a start and end date and a person in charge. Progress gets tracked using a Gantt view (for managers) and a Kanban view (for operators). Specific Dashboards enable managers to monitor team workloads: They quickly identify the cause of a delay in operations, or a testing network too large for its operators.

Can I track duplicate tasks between teams?

When assigned to a single manager tasks can hardly be duplicated however situation is different in large, international organisations. The use of Bloomeo improves the pooling of resources and limits duplications. Bloomeo will help managers to check if the same variety has been studied several times in the same year in the same agronomic zone, with similar results. The managers will then be in a position to reallocate those resources to a different agronomic zone.

How do I check that every data is useful for decision-making?

Our commitment with Bloomeo: Every single data collected must be validated and valorized. How do we deliver this commitment? Firstly, real-time data management: graphs and dashboards are updated as soon as the data is validated. Secondly, Data Valorization dashboards, which enable managers to check that the data collected has been integrated into at least one trial synthesis dashboard.

How can I consolidate data from various trial results from different providers?

The effective solution will not come from a single application, but may involve change management of working methods and exchanges with your service providers and partners. But don't worry, Doriane, with its Bloomeo solution, will help you.... facilitate file imports, interconnections with third-party databases (i.e. service providers or certification bodies)

Can I use my cell phone to make an observation on a demonstration field and view the other results on that variety?

The Mobile solution, available on Android and iOS, is highly intuitive. Every data point get centralized immediately: Structured notations and qualitative comments. The manager gives rating rights on trials and demonstration fields to the users of his choice. Users can then easily make their own ratings. They can also see comments made on the same variety at other sites, and access a graphical summary of results for the entire development network.

How can I monitor whether evaluations are in line with the product's market segment objective?

A product design has to be defined for each market segment. The product design will define the characteristics (=variables) and the reference material for each characteristic (e.g. for sunflower tolerance to new races of orobranche vs. the reference variety). Monitor in real time, after aggregating all the data collected, the positioning on each criteria. The information is summarized in an intuitive drift vs. market segment dashboard.

How can I monitor whether the testing network is representative of the target market segments?

For each segment, define a combination of agronomic zones (a grouping of geographical areas that can be disjointed, with similar topographical, climatic and agronomic characteristics). Thanks to agronomic zone analysis dashboards, you can monitor the homogeneity/heterogeneity of your portfolio's responses in these areas. Mapping your trial network on your agronomic zones also enables you to measure the representativeness of your evaluation sites.

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